We want to run as fast as we can when asked that question. Why is that?

We do not like to confront our fears. No one wants to be critiqued especially when we critique ourselves.

Face it, if you are interviewing, you are going to be asked this question. Are you prepared? What are you going to say?  

You want to take a negative situation/task and turn it into a positive one. IE: impatient/patient, late/early etc.    

Think of things that you don’t like to do and turn it into a positive or think of what you think you can improve on and say what the opposite of that is.

For example: I am impatient

If I am applying for a sales job, I can say I am impatient. My answer would be, “I want the sale to happen sooner than it is ready to happen. I do everything I can to close the sale and while I am waiting, I start another sale to keep the process going.”

 If I were interviewing for an Administrative Assistant job, that would not be the right thing to say. You could say “I can be impatient when I am waiting for certain items that I need from my boss. I can’t go any further in my project until I get the necessary information so what can I do to help her get it? What I’ve done is be proactive with my boss to see if I can get the information sooner.” See how that is turned from a negative situation into a positive one?

Things to remember when talking about your weaknesses.

Talk about an area that once was a weakness that now you have improved. Make sure it isn’t anything that has to do with your current job unless it is for sure a plus and will be a benefit to you. 

 1) Always turn your weakness into a positive

2) Never ever say anything that has to do with what your new job entails you doing in the future

3) Do not say I can’t think of anything

If you’re prepared you won’t feel like running when asked the question, “What are your weaknesses?”

This article only has a few examples of what will work with the question, "What are your weaknesses." There are many other ways to answer it as well. Keep a watch for more information to come in the book, "Insider Secrets To Interviewing."

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